Factions changelog as of 2021-07-24
Faction Size Update
◈ Faction size has been reduced to a maximum of 20 players (without upgrade) and up to 30 players (with upgrade)
Combat Logger Update
◈ Combat Loggers will now try to persist items that are holy-whitescrolled or pet-leashed.
/f claim Limitations
◈ Excluding premium claims, land can no longer be /f claim-ed 17 chunks within any other faction's core claim. ◈ Factions will still be able to over-claim other faction claims within 17 chunk radius from other faction's core claim. ◈ Over-claimed land in the 17 chunk radius cannot be re-claimed by any faction other than the faction owning the core claim.
New /fund Goals
◈ Cosmo-Slot Bot (300,000 faction points OR 14 days) ◈ Armor Sockets (87,500 faction points OR 9 days)
Armor Stand Limitations
◈ Armor Stands have been limited to 8 per chunk. ◈ Armor Stands can not be moved by liquid currents
/playtime Command
◈ /playtime - View your or another player's total playtime across the Cosmoverse
Faction Relations Limitations
◈ Faction relations limit has been reduced to 1 ally and 1 truce. You may purchase the Max Friendly Relations /f upgrade to increase this limit to 2.
◈ The following enchantments can now be applied onto axes: - Lifesteal - Demonic Lifesteal - Solitude - Perfect Solitude - Silence - Deep Wounds - Bloody Deep Wounds
Custom Blocks
◈ The following custom blocks were added: - Box of Chocolates - Cosmic Trophy - Milk and Cookies
Item Mods
◈ The following item mods were added: - First-Aid Fanny Pack - Rubber Chicken - Leviathan Trophy - Golden Admirer