Factions changelog as of 2021-08-22
A new Lootbox: Trial by Fire is now available on the webstore (
K.O.T.H Updates
&c&lMILESTONES&r &7When a faction reaches a milestone and is knocked off, the timer for members of the faction will be restarted from their last-reached milestone! &7KOTH Milestones: &c1. &710 minutes &c2. &75 minutes &c3. &72 minutes &c4. &71 minute &c5. &730 seconds &c&lCAPTURE TIME&r Following the addition of milestones, KOTH capture time has been increased from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
&c- &7Added Global Multipliers (/multipliers) &c- &7Added new custom enchantments: Divine Light, Righteous Anti-Gank &c- &7Bloodhound Pet's [TAG] ability will now combat-tag players