Factions changelog as of 2021-10-04
Custom Enchants
- Added Heroic Enchantment "Bitter Overwhelm" - Added Mastery Enchantment "Opening Combo" - Added Mastery Enchantment "Soul Master" - Wumpus is no longer obtainable from Enchantment Books
Lootbox: Apple Crisp
This week's lootbox features some of the newly added custom enchantments among other loots. Use /lootbox (or /lb) to view it's loot table.
- 1 minute cooldown on /back - Automatic /f chunk [on / off] (the auto-updater will filter out unclaimed territories when displaying /f chunk information) - Collection chests drop money note (at 30% money loss) when broken - Escapist pearls now go through players - /f claim can be used to establish raid claims regardless of distance from other factions' core chunks. The 20-chunk limitation will still exist but will only apply to core-core claims. - Fixed some inconsistency between Cannon Planet and Dungeon Planet cannoning mechanisms - Slot-Bot broadcasts display meta spin, flash-sale and heroic ticket sources