Factions changelog as of 2020-07-31
&l/apply:&r&7 A quick way to re-equip all your armorpieces (cannot be used in combat).&r &l/back:&r&7 Players can no longer teleport to their deathpoint if they die due to a self-inflicting death.&r &l/ces <slot>:&r&7 Players can now easily search for enchants compatible with a particular item type. For example, /ces pickaxe.&r &l/changelog:&r&7 In-game changelog will now list changelogs of only the last date.&r &l/enchants:&r&7 Players can now list custom enchantments applicable to a specific tool /enchants <tool>.&r &l/fix:&r&7 Interstellar-ranked players get access to /fix all (cooldown: 5 minutes).&r &l/item:&r&7 Item lores flowing out of view? No worries, this command will list all your item's lores in a form interface.&r &l/near:&r&7 Players can execute &o/near <ign>&r&7 to look for a specific player.&r &l/notification:&r&7 Added ability to block non-player chat message (death messages, jackpot broadcasts etc).&r
&l/enchants:&r&7 - Added several new simple, unique, elite, ultimate, legendary, soul and heroic enchantments. - Added a new category of enchantments - "Mastery"&r &lGodly Transmog Scroll:&r&7 A new scroll which gives you the ability to customise the order of your enchants to your own liking.&r &lHoly White Scroll:&r&7 A new scroll which allows items to be kept after death. Be warned, Holy White Scrolls will not be applicable once the item has become corrupt.&r &lHoly Water:&r&7 Holy Water will essentially give you an extra life on any (semi-)corrupt gear or weapon of your choice!
&lBosses:&r&7 Added new legendary bosses - Plague Bloater and Yijki, World Destroyer.&r &lHeroic Envoy Boss:&r&7 A new automated event which sports a buffed Plague Bloater that wreaks havoc in the Battlefield.&r &lKOTH:&r&7 The following changes have been made to KOTH. - New KOTH maps have been introduced. - KOTH loot has been updated. For reference, check /koth loot. - KOTH set bonuses have been added. - KOTH set has a groovy animation. - KOTH weapons have been added. - KOTH cap timer has been increased from 5 to 10 minutes. - KOTH Space Demons will spawn every 4 minutes. - KOTH death cooldown has been set to 1 minute before /koth warp can be used again. - Loot protection has been disabled in KOTH. - Soul enchants cost will DOUBLE in KOTH. - Leadership has been nerfed significantly in KOTH. - Ragdoll, Shockwave and Rocket Escape have been disabled in KOTH. - Flight has been disabled within the KOTH arena. - Knockback has been limited to 2.&r &lEnd Update:&r&7 The End Dimension has been given a face lift which includes a new map with more opportunities to gain rewards! - Timeless Dragon boss has been added. This boss hibernates in the End. Select the egg to see when the boss is active and reap great rewards upon victory. - End Creepers now have a chance to drop Raid Creeper Eggs, Vile Creeper Pets and Raid Creeper Pets. - Every 100 End Monster kills guarantees a /gkit or /vkit bundle PLUS a Cosmic Swag Bag. - End Monsters now have a chance to drop World Destroyer Pets. - /warp end pet limit set to a maximum of 5 pets.&r &lWarzone LMS:&r&7 A new event which requires both strength and endurance to be the Last Man Standing. To become the LMS you must defeat or knock off everyone that has been in the arena longer than you. The person who survives the longest is announced in the Global Chat. You must also keep moving otherwise your multipliers will reset! This operates as a 24H KOTH. He who remains within the LMS region longer will be rewarded. &l&fREWARDS &r&7You can receive either EXP or Money for every minute you spend within the LMS arena. The amount you receive is determined by how close you are to the centre of the LMS arena AND how long you have been in the LMS arena. You can also receive Quest Tokens for every 5 minutes. Special envoys will also spawn within the LMS arena. &l&fLIMITATIONS &r&7- Similar to KOTH enchants like Obliterate are limited within the LMS arena. - Flight is disabled within the LMS arena. - The hourly warzone boss will spawn on/near the LMS player. - Disguises are disabled in LMS arena.&r &lOutposts:&r&7 A new 24H active event which sports capturable and controllable outposts that boast specific 3 tiers of rewards which benefit an entire faction: - Boosted XP - Boosted mcMMO - Custom sell signs specific to each Outpost And much more! To capture an Outpost, only YOUR faction must stand within the cap point. Your overall progress will be displayed on the scoreboard. Outposts can be captured faster by having more faction members standing on the cap point. If a member of any other faction steps on the cap point they will block any further progress until they are removed. This includes allies, truces, neutrals and enemies. If a faction is removed from the cap point their progess will need to be destroyed before another faction is able to capture and control! Upon successful capping, members will be automatically teleported to the Defender Spawn Point which gives you access to unique sell signs specific to each outpost. Other players in the area will be teleported to the Attacker Spawn Point. &l&fLIMITATIONS &r&7- Outpost specific limitations - Enderpearls do not work in Outpost worlds. - Commands are limited similar to KOTH.
Factions, Bases and Raiding
&lAnti Gravity TNT:&r&7 New space-age anti-physics TNT technology has been developed. This TNT will only affect blocks with gravity, and does not cause any physics events. (Sand, gravel, anvils..etc). This can be obtained from End Creepers and the new Explosive Expert /f upgrade.&r &lBase Size Limit:&r&7 A maximum base size limitation has been implemented in to the rules. The max base size for all factions will be limited to 15×15 chunks from this point onwards. With that said, typical buffer defenses will not be permitted within the faction base. - Players are permitted to create grinder boxes and water protect the exterior. - Players are permitted to implement reverse layers between base floors. - Players are permitted to implement regenerating reverse layers between base floors. - Players are NOT permitted to include regens within the base. - Players are NOT permitted to include watered walls within the base.&r &lBuffer Size Limit:&r&7 A maximum buffer size limitation has been implemented in to the rules. The max buffer size for all factions is 20 chunks. This is 320 blocks in each direction and is measured from the exterior wall of the base and does not include the base itself.&r &lFaction Banners:&r&7 Banners are a limited time "/tpahere" for faction members. They can be placed in all claim types with the exception of KOTH worlds. It will take 5 seconds to teleport to a banner upon placing it. The teleportation is cancelled if a banner is broken or expires. To acquire a banner, a player would have to execute /f banner for a small fee of $100,000. It will also cost 500 souls to place the banner. Banners can not be spam placed nor can they be overridden if a banner is currently active. This means only 1 banner can be active at a time. Travelling to a banner will bypass TP exhaustion. To teleport to a faction banner, execute /f assist. A placed banner will last for 10s before disappearing. &r&lLIMITATIONS &r&7- Players can not use banners to escape the end. - Players can not place banners in the end.&r &lFaction Power:&r&7 Faction power has been changed to 40 per faction member. The maximum power loss is -20.&r &lFaction Relations Limit:&r&7 Each faction is now limited to having 3 truces and allies. There is also a 24H cooldown on retrucing someone that has been untruced.&r &lFaction Reputation Points:&r&7 Reputation points have been awarded to the top 10 factions of last season.&r &lFaction Upgrades and Heroic Faction Upgrades:&r&7 New faction upgrades have been introduced!&r &lReduce Insiding:&r&7 When players in an ally/truce claim are kicked, they will be sent to spawn. Players can no longer create factions whilst in another faction claim.&r &l/suicide and /back:&r&7 Added limitation to reduce risk of insiding. Players can no longer use these commands, go to spawn, leave a faction and go back to their deathpoints.&r
Gears, Kits and PvP
&l14 Lore Enchantment Orbs:&r&7 The limits have been increased once again! Go out and hunt for those orbs to create the best set possible!&r &lAdmin Weapons:&r&7 A collection of Admin Weapons have been added.&r &lColoured Item Lore Crystal:&r&7 Want to have the best lore in the Cosmoverse? Well now you can! And in colour!&r &lCombat Text:&r&7 Combat text displays damage and enchant procs on-screen! This is also configurable via the Cosmic Settings.&r &lEnderpearl Behaviour:&r&7 Enderpearl cooldown will now start when a pearl is thrown.&r &lMystery Fallen Heros:&r&7 This Fallen Hero can differentiate into any of the Fallen Heros once placed. They also have a higher 50 pct chance of dropping a Gkit Gem!&r &lGkits and Vkits:&r&7 New Gkits and Vkits have been added and improved!&r &lKill Loot Timer:&r&7 A 60 second kill loot timer has been added. If you die, only the killer will be able to pick up your loot until those 60 seconds have passed.&r &lMasks:&r&7 A collection of masks have been added! Each one boasts unique perks. They can be equip by dragging and dropping onto a helmet.&r &lMastery Kits:&r&7 Introducing a new selection of kits - Mastery Kits. This is a whole new take on what a kit is on Cosmic. This will feature highly coveted enchants which are exclusive to M-Kits only. To unlock these kits, you must have the M-Kit Gem and the required /gkits at a specific level. On successful application you will lose access to those gkits and unlock permanent access to the M-Kit.&r &lLIMITATIONS &r&7- Enchantment books can only be applied to /mkits provided that they have a Mastery Shard applied to the book. To obtain a Mastery Shard, simply tinker a Mastery gear. - 1 week cooldown - Black Scrolls do not work on Mastery Kits. - Heroic Black Scrolls do not work on Mastery Kits. - Holy White Scrolls do not work on Mastery Kits.&r &lAnti M-Kit Crystal:&r&7 This refined crystal will empower you to stand up to those who dare challenge you in M-Kits. They can be obtained by tinkering Mastery Shards. Each shard will convert into a 1 pct Anti M-Kit Crystal. The more shards in a stack you tinker at once, the higher the pct of the crystal. These crystals can also be combined to make a higher pct crystal before applying. These crystals can be applied to any armor, especially with Armor Crystals.&r &lLIMITATIONS &r&7- You cannot apply more than 1 Anti M-Kit crystal to a piece of gear.&r &lmcMMO:&r&7 /Excavation and /Acrobatics mcMMO have been added.&r &lNPC:&r&7 Previously logging out in combat would result in instant death. But now an NPC will spawn in your place. If you log back in before the NPC is killed you will take its place. If the combat timer runs out, the NPC will survive and disappear. NPCs can be helped by splashing them with health pots.&r &lOmni Gems:&r&7 Gkit and Vkit Omni Gems have been added.&r &lInventory Pets:&r&7 A collection of pets have been added. Each one boasts unique perks. They can be activated by right-clicking.&r &lT5+:&r&7 Time to buff that top tier rank! This will give you that edge over other players. Rank perks include: - Permanent vanilla XP multiplier of 1.2x. This works with Faction XP boosters too! - When applying custom enchantment books there is a chance of not consuming the book. This means you could apply a Natures Wrath book to your legs and still have it in your inventory. - When a failed custom enchantment book fails to apply, there is a 10% chance of it being saved! - /feed a friend. - mcMMO multiplier increased from 3x to 4x. - /pv increase from 15 to 18. - ah limit increased from 6 to 8 items. - Access to weekly /kit Heroic which boasts some OP loot and includes one BONUS item! - Access to /bless - removes debuffs. - Larger /f map + scoreboard map! - 5 pct sell price buff when using /sell hand or /sell all. and much more!&r &lInterstellar:&r&7 Time to buff that T5+. A plus plus for those pro gamers to spice things up. Rank perks include: - /kit interstellar - /fix all (5m cd) - +10% Enchantment Book success - 7x Player /quests per day - Up to 12x /ah listings - Aqua Global Chat Colour - Access to /warp interstellar - a /cf tax free zone and much more! - Access to Blackmarket NPC - Access to Rainbow Sheep /disguise - VIP X Lobby Rank - Perks from previous ranks&r &lMonster Soul Tracker:&r&7 This tracker will allow you to harvest souls from mobs. Very convenient for you hard-core grinders!&r &lBlock Broken Tracker:&r&7 This tracker will allow you to keep track of the blocks broken by the tool it is applied to!&r &lXP Tracker:&r&7 This tracker will allow you to keep track of the XP grinded by the weapon it is applied to!&r &lRank Quests:&r&7 Rank Quests from T1-T5 have been added.&r &lSpecial Armor Sets:&r&7 Special Armor Sets have been added! Each one is obtained differently and has its own unique ability. They are also shaded to represent their colour. These sets include: - Phantom - Yeti - Ranger - Engineer - Mother of Yijki - Supreme - Dimensional Traveler - Dragon Slayer&r &lArmor Set Crystals:&r&7 A revolutionary way to turn pointless gear into something that should be feared. You can now customise your own sets with Armor Crystals. To obtain armor crystals, simply tinker any custom armor set piece to get 20 pct success crystal. Apply these to all set pieces to complete the set and benefit from the bonus.&r &lLIMITATIONS &r&7- Armor Crystals can not be applied to other Armor Set pieces. - One Armor Crystal per piece. - Armor Crystals can not be applied to armor with Mastery Enchants. - The added damage from the Armor Crystals does not apply to Mortal Coil...etc.&r &lCrystal Extractor:&r&7 Crystal Extractors will remove a random crystal from a piece of armor and give you the crystal at the specified pct.&r &lTrinkets:&r&7 The following trinkets have been added: - EMP Pulse - Fat Bucket - Speed Trinket - Stun Creeper - Anti Projectile Forcefield - Escapist Pearl - Soul Anvil - Soul Pearl - Haunted Tombstone - Phoenix Feather - Battle Staff of Yijki&r
In-Game Mechanics
&lAuction House Categories:&r&7 /ah has a new "category view" option which better organises items. This should allow you to locate items faster!&r &lBlack Market Auction House:&r&7 BAH is an automated auction which allows you to bid against others to get your hands on some great loot! Every 30 minutes, a new item will be added and each auction will last for 5 minutes. The initial bid is $100,000 and will increase in certain increments. Outbid everyone to win!&r &lCoin Flip:&r&7 Coinflip is a new way for players to place bets and prove how lucky they are! Or know...worsen your gambling addiction.&r &lCosmic Crates:&r&7 CCs take space chests to a whole new level. These crates offer OP loot and will only get better each time! They can be purchased from the webstore or obtained through a few methods in-game. For example, Vote Store, Lootboxes and many more.&r &lDisguises:&r&7 Holographic Camo Technology has been discovered in the Cosmoverse! This will allow you to disguise as different mobs. And there are baby versions of each mob!&r &l/Enchanter Improvement&r&7: Enchant GUI has been improved. You can now purchase larger stacks of books! &lFund:&r&7 Fund options and prices have been updated!&r &lItem Filter:&r&7 /filter has been given a visual overhaul as well as some new filter options. You can also create and switch between multiple configurations for different occasions!&r &lItem Tracking:&r&7 Item tracking has been added for certain special items. This should help reduce the impact duplication exploits have on the economy and gameplay in general.&r &lLootboxes:&r&7 Lootboxes are special items which can be redeemed to receive a randomised assortment of epic loot! Every week will feature a new custom themed lootbox with unique items, some of which can be exclusive to the lootbox of that week! Once that week is over, the lootbox and treasure will be gone forever! These will be available to purchase on the webstore and can be obtained by other means.&r &lPlayer Quests:&r&7 Quests are different tasks assigned to each player to complete within 24 hours. The number of daily quests is determined by your rank. Once you have completed a quest you can claim your reward which comes in the form of Quest Tokens. These can be exchanged in /quest shop for all kinds of awesome loot! For example, low tier ranks! If you think that isn't OP enough, every Saturday there will be an additional ultra rare unique item which is randomised each week!&r &lReclaims:&r&7 Ranked players will now receive their reclaims at the start of a new season!&r &lShop:&r&7 /shop has been updated with new blocks which should allow you to craft a huge variety of blocks for decoration! Oh can also strip logs with an axe! More variety!&r &lStackable Spawners:&r&7 Stackable spawners will now give you the ability to house more spawners within a smaller area! Simply right click a spawner with a placed spawner of the same kind! You can stack up to 10 spawners. To check how many are stacked, simply right click the spawner with your hand.&r &lSnowman Spawner:&r&7 Snowman Spawners are intended to be grinded just like IG's but there's a catch. Whilst they do boast a significantly higher payout they have a 5% pct chance to drop Snowman Souls. Each drop sells for $3600.&r
&lEmotes (/emotes)&r &7All players will have access to list of default emotes (cool, cry, diamondhoe, facepalm, fire, fu*ku, gapple, heart, moneybag, thanosthonk, heisen). You can can upload your own emotes via &o/emoteupload&r&7. The number of emotes you can upload is limited by your rank. You can however obtain emote expansion (custom item) in-game to increase your emote slots.&r &l/f focus&r &7Focusing an enemy now renders a pink floating arrow above their head along with a bouncy text reading "** FOCUSING **".&r &lHome Expansion&r &7Max Home Increase expansion item has been added. This will allow you to increase the max number of /homes you can have regardless of your rank!&r &lPlayer Heads&r &7Player heads will now render their skin and display the death report while aimed at.&r &lScoreboard Crafting &r&7Customize your scoreboard as you like with the new /scoreboard selection method. Start off with a pre-defined scoreboard (Default, Server Info, Armor HUD) and modify each line to your liking, or create a whole new scoreboard from scratch! You are limited to the following lines in your scoreboard: Balance: Your current balance as 999,999,999 Combat Tag: Combat timer (in seconds) Faction: Faction name, online and total player count (wildcard-based) Gamertag: Your gamertag Kill-Death Ratio: Kills, deaths and ratio as 2.33 [7:3] Message: Any custom message Ping: Your current latency (in ms, colour-coded) Player Count: Server player count as 23 / 75 Server TPS: Server TPS as 20.00 (19.95 av) XP: Total experience as 99,999 Held Item Info: Held item's name and durability (wildcard-based) Helmet Item Info: Helmet' name and durability (wildcard-based) Chestplate Item Info: Chestplate's name and durability (wildcard-based) Leggings Item Info: Leggings' name and durability (wildcard-based) Boots Item Info: Boots' name and durability (wildcard-based)&r &lServer Settings Updates&r &7&lAutomatic Lighting:&r&7 (Requires Heroic rank) This invisible companion brightens your surrounding, you get to pick the lighting level [0 (dimmest) to 15 (brightest)].&r &7&lForm Palette:&r&7 For those using a dark themed texture pack, the "Bleached" palette may may make the text more visible. &7&lHighlight Subchunks:&r&7 Shows an outline of your current subchunk, current subchunk + 1 and current subchunk - 1. &7&lQuick Redeem:&r&7 Items compatible with this option can be redeemed all at once by redeeming one while sneaking. For example: a stack of custom enchantment books can be redeemed all at once by sneaking while redeeming one.&r &lShowcase (/showcase)&r &7Show off the items you've obtained by placing them in your showcase. You can view other players' showcases via &o/showcase <player>&r&7. Your showcase can be publicly viewed off-game on your profile page (&o<a href=""></a> &lShowcase Expansion &r&7Showcase expansion item has been added. Now you can increase the number of showcase slots you have regardless of your rank!