Factions changelog as of 2020-09-10
The punishments for Toxicity, Spamming, Advertising, Sexually Inappropriate Material, and Inappropriate Labels will be increased to a ``5 DAY`` ban upon receiving the **2ND WARNING**. This means you will only ever receive one warning. The second violation will result in a ban. This change has been made because recently many individuals have been exploiting the rules by taking advantage of the leniency. This was done by deliberately violating the rules in order to receive warnings from our staff and get kicked from the server to essentially avoid being killed in derps. We will be making more changes in the future but for now that is all. If you think it is appropriate and justifiable to undermine our rules you are mistaken. One individual thought it was appropriate to openly spam racist messages to receive a warning and avoid being killed. They are now permanently banned for taking advantage of our leniency. Don't be this person. If you are going to behave in such a racist and disgusting manner you are not welcome here. YOU. ARE. NOT. WELCOME. TO. THIS. COMMUNITY. LEAVE. On a separate note, another change was also made to the rule regarding Trapping. The space a player is entitled to has been changed. Players are now entitled to an area of 3 blocks in height and 1 block in width (``3×1 area``). This change has been made to compensate for the anti-phase since many players have been getting stuck when pistons push blocks overhead. This means the pistons must be located at least 2 blocks above the players head. You must now adjust your pistons to be in line with this rule.