Factions changelog as of 2021-02-24
General Update.
Multi-Masks have gotten a visual overhaul! Dual-Masks -> Blue Triple-Masks -> Magenta Quad-Masks -> Black & Rainbow Question Mark (Original) Penta-Masks -> Rainbow Ability to toggle filters without selecting button from form using /filter [number] <toggle/configure>. Ability to wear player heads (place and break old heads for this to work). 3 New masks: Grave Digger, Death Wish, Holy. New "Disguise" scoreboard entry. "Auto set" property in /f label edit <label> -> Manage Properties. 3 new Penta-Masks added to /bah. Two new Custom Blocks: Mini Snowman, Mini Christmas Tree. Hack Terminals now display the amount of time left required to extract enchants when sneaking and tapping the terminal. Guardians have a 1-2 hit delay when attacking. /sethome is now a configurable permission in /f label. Tap to pot for PE users. Enemy Enters claim and Neutral Enters claim added to faction logs.