Factions changelog as of 2021-03-09
Faction Points
/f top is based off of faction points. All faction points are either earned or purchased. Faction points are protected by your "Core Chunk". For more information, visit <a href=""></a> (#faction-points).
Planetary funding is now based off of /f top faction points. Fund goals unlock when the cumulative faction points reach the goal requirement. In addition to it, goals feature an alternative age requirement where they are unlocked once the planet reaches a specific age.
Titan Attributes
Titan Attributes are a heroic sword attachment, giving your weapon special abilities. They can be levelled up during a periodic Titan Altar event that happens in the /end. For more information, visit <a href=""></a> (#titan-attributes).
Premium Claims
Claims up to three chunks from the warzone are regarded as premium claims. Owning this claim requires paying a one-time premium fee. The closer the claim is to the warzone, the higher is the fee. For more information, visit <a href=""></a> (#faction-claims).
Miscellaneous Changes
- Added Crystal Golem Inventory Pet. - Chunks that lie outside the world border are once again solid and empty. - Auto Smelt, Detonate and Fuse work well together. - Bedrock at 5 > Y > 0 in faction claims is no longer minable as it no longer generates. - Pressure plates can no longer be stacked on top of one another. - Monster Spawners can once again be placed in claims close to warzone. - Custom Blocks can once again be placed in claims close to warzone. - Explosions now affect claims close to warzone. - Faction Map highlights chunks not within the world border with dark grey color. - Added "Core Chunk Breach", "Claim Land" and "Unclaim Land" faction log entry. - Explosions will ONLY occur at Y <= 255 (previously, explosions could occur at Y > 255 if it happened mid-air). - Added "Display Reputation Points" toggle in Cosmic Settings. - Items that do not despawn in lava (monster spawners and fat buckets) will no longer appear to despawn either. - During server restarts, players will get transferred to the hub and be placed in a queue until server gets back online.