Factions changelog as of 2021-05-02
Lootbox: Trials, New Item Mods, & More!
Apologies for the delay in pushing out this week's update. We just wanted to make sure things were 100% complete. Anywho, today's update comes with the introduction of Lootbox: Trials, which contains an all new Admin Axe! It's a rare item so don't get your hopes up! Those 50 Slot Bot Tickets looking real juicy huh... We've added a few new Item Mods, all in this week's update too! * 40K Gold Chain * Amulet of Angels * Blade of Love * Deep Space Backpack * Flaming Halo * Divine Sash (/help itemmods) &r&l&c** IMPORTANT ** &rFrom now on, Chestplates will require a Backpack OR Amulet Socket to be attached onto them in order to apply Item Mods. Leggings require a Belt Socket. Your current Gucci Belts and Portable Picnics will still work without the Sockets, but it is recommended to apply a Socket to your items because of what we have in store for the future. You don't need to remove the Itemmod from the item, just place a Socket over it. :D