Factions changelog as of 2021-05-09
Lootbox: Item Mod GALORE!
A new lootbox is now live, consisting of new item mods and a new custom block. Purchase them via!
Bug Fixes
- Fixed Cursed Block Pet not working properly in /nether warzone. - Fixed Outpost Mask and Monopoly Mask not working in any outposts. - Fixed Phoenix Feather deducting twice (and in some instances not working) when receiving damage from two different sources. - Fixed Titan Attributes not leveling up to max level. - Fixed trinkets and soul enchantments processing even when having insufficient souls.
- /ah sell now supports "k", "m", "b" suffixes. - /cmdalias limitation has been upped from 30 to 64 alias mappings. - Blackout now affects Anti-MKit crystals. - Collection Chests now open a form interface with "Sell Inventory", "Change Filter" buttons to speed up manually selling collection chest inventories. - Item Skins of different Armor Socket types can now be applied onto the same item at the same time. - Pile of Coal Custom Block now affects Armor Sockets as well. - Slot Bot now has an "Insert All" option at the bottom left. - "Spooky Aura" Cauldron Effect now sends a chat message to pet user when their pet ability is cancelled. - Vanilla and Trainee Outposts no longer allow item mods.
- Added Custom Block: Enchanted Meteorite (See /help customblocks) - Added Item Mod: Amulet of Corruption - Added Item Mod: Amulet of Destruction - Added Item Mod: Bunny Slippers - Added Item Mod: Chad Sunglasses - Added Item Mod: Corrupt Cosmonaut Helmet - Added Item Mod: Cowboy Boots - Added Item Mod: Cursed Wings - Added Item Mod: Ice Crown - Added Item Mod: Neon Emotions - Added Item Mod: Rainbow Backpack - Added Item Mod: Santa Boots - Added Item Mod: Soul Harvester - Added Item Mod: Teddy Backpack (See /help itemmods)