Factions changelog as of 2023-10-27
Greetings Cosmonauts, this is the changelog for the upcoming beta season. Below is a summarised list of all the new features and changes that you can expect to see next season. Players will be able to view more in-depth information for each feature in the CosmicPE Dummies Guide. Check it out! ➥ <a href=""></a>
The following challenges have been added: ◈ Added Most /end Envoys Broken ◈ Added Most Items Bought on /bah ◈ Added Most Money Spent on /bah ◈ Added Most /lms Envoys Broken ◈ Added Most Players Knocked in /end ◈ Added Most /slot Tickets Rolled ◈ Added Most Time Spent in End ◈ Added Most Time Spent in Warzone ◈ Added Most Titan Attributes Levelled Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Challenges.
The following Custom Blocks have been added/removed: ◈ Added Cosmic Barrel ◈ Removed ATM Machine ◈ Removed ATM Safe ◈ Removed Collection Chest Cosmic Barrel Advantages: ◈ Cosmic Barrels are a better alternative to collection chests and make them redundant. Less chests = better FPS :D ◈ Dynamic texture indicating total price of items in the chest - An iron ring indicates the barrel contains items worth a total of $1m or less - A gold ring indicates the barrel contains items worth a total of $1m or more - A diamond ring indicates the barrel contains items worth a total of $10m or more ◈ Instantaneous /sell all ◈ One block that does it all - no collection chest spam, no atm machines, no atm safes (!) Cosmic Barrels can be purchased in /shop. Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about the Cosmic Barrel.
◈ Cosmic Dueling is the test of skill against players to really show what you're made of in the PvP aspect of factions. Do you have what it takes to win in PvP battle against fierce competitors? Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Duels.
◈ We've introduced a fresh set of emojis to enhance your in-game chat experience! Whether you're celebrating a victory, sharing a laugh, or encountering a creeper, there's now an emoji for every moment. What's more? Emojis can be used to even decorate your scoreboards and signposts! ◈ Over the course, we will be introducing obtainable 'Emoji Packs' to gain access to more exotic emojis. ◈ Emojis can be viewed by executing /emojis! Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Emojis. (This channel has not been created yet).
◈ "Dimension Rift" no longer works in /end
◈ Gen Buckets are advanced Cosmonaut building tools used to automatically generate specific blocks at a fixed rate and range to help establish bases at a faster pace. Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Gen Buckets.
◈ Item Flip is identical to a traditional Coin Flip however instead of wagering money you can wager items! Are you ready to take the risk? Think the RNG gods are on your side? And no, it's not "rigged". You're just not lucky enough. Now zip it. Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Item Flip.
◈ All healthbars use "|" in place of "❤" symbol to denote health ◈ Player healthbars use 60x "|" instead of 8x "❤" ◈ Healthbars no longer display health amount ◈ Healthbars display a buffered health loss (with a 15-tick buffer duration) in yellow ◈ Healthbars display buffered health loss amount towards the right side of the healthbar
The following Item Mods have been implemented: ◈ Amulet of Kings ◈ Anti Corona Mask ◈ Autumn Amulet ◈ Baby Reindeer ◈ Blade of Darkness ◈ Blighted Life Support ◈ Bug-Out Bag ◈ Calculator ◈ Cosmic Key ◈ Drinking Helmet ◈ Grim Axe ◈ Grim Cloak ◈ Heartbreaker ◈ Icicle Amulet ◈ Jelly Roll ◈ Keg ◈ Luau Lei ◈ Matrix Master Belt ◈ Momento Mori ◈ Morningstar ◈ Pepe Clapper ◈ Pie Belt ◈ Rose Amulet ◈ Royal Belt ◈ Sack of Goodies ◈ Shock Therapy ◈ Silent Death ◈ Snowflake ◈ Spinal Tap ◈ Tactical Belt ◈ Teddy Slippers ◈ The Crumble ◈ Tiki Mask ◈ Trident of the Deep Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about the new Item Mods.
◈ Added "Custom Block Action" faction log to track actions such as selling cosmic barrels, placing and taking item out of consecration altars, pet incubators etc.
◈ Ocean Busters are advanced Cosmonaut nuking tools used to obliterate entire chunks of water to save time and begin the trenching process sooner instead of manually removing water with sponges. Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Ocean Chunk Busters.
◈ /render preferences has a new toggle "Defer Rendering" (enabled by default). ◈ Instead of rendering custom blocks when a chunk is rendered, "Defer Rendering" defers it until you are within 1 sub-chunk of the custom block. NOTE: "Defer Rendering" only defers rendering and does not affect un-rendering.
◈ The Vote Store is an exciting new method for loyal Cosmonauts to get their hands on some exclusive in-game packages in return for their support. This can be done by voting for CosmicPE and receiving Vote Points which can be used to purchase exclusive vote store items on the CosmicPE Website at <a href=""></a> As of now, these are: ◈ Coin Flip Tax Reduction (for 1 day) (-2.5%) ◈ CosmicPE Graphics (CosmicPE logos, backgrounds, and more) ◈ Cosmo-Slot Bot Ticket Scraps (3x) ◈ Gaming Chair Disguise (for 3 days) ◈ Near Upgrade (for 12 days) (128 block radius) ◈ Ocean Chunk Buster (2x) ◈ Startup Fund ($100,000) Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Vote Store.
- /craft is an alias for /workbench - /near's distance has been increased from 48 blocks to 128 blocks - Prior to this change, Ghostly Ghost II and Ghostly Ghost III were redundant - /tpahere displays whether the target location is a pvp-enabled or a pvp-disabled zone - All players can use /envoy (regardless of rank) - Coin Flip Tax rates have changed! - Tax rate by default is 10% - Tax rate in Interstellar Lounge is 7.5% - Tax rate after capturing the Frozen stronghold is reduced by 2.5% - Cosmic Envoy Summon now summons 3 envoys ranging from Simple to Legendary tier. - This differs from prior behavior which summoned an envoy throughout the warzone. - This change matches CosmicPVP's envoy summon behavior. - Envoys despawn after 5 minutes - Evolution Gem cannot be redeemed before unlocking the /vkit - Evolution Gem cannot be redeemed while the /vkit is on cooldown - Kit cooldowns will continue reducing only until 24 hours since the player's last login - This applies to ALL kits (/kit, /ckit, /gkit, /mkit, and /vkit) - Players must regularly join the server (once a day) to ensure their kit cooldowns are reducing. - Limited /mkits to yield the following: - "Mark of the Beast" and "Mortal Coil" only on helmets - "Horrify" and "Rot And Decay" only on leggings - LMS envoys now feature chests from Elite to Godly tier - Prior to this change, LMS envoys did not feature Godly tier. - This change matches CosmicPVP's envoy summon behavior. - Nerfed /mkit armorpieces: - Helmets now give +2 armor value (previously gave +3) - Chestplates now give +4 armor value (previously gave +8) - Leggings now give +3 armor value (previously gave +6) - Boots now give +2 armor value (previously gave +3) - Nerfed Mortal Coil's duration and proc rate - New Outpost Rewards: - Trainee Outpost: 7.5% Chance to bypass Heroic Armor defensive buffs - Hero Outpost: +10% Soul Enchant Damage - Vanilla Outpost: 7.5% Chance to block Incoming Soul Enchant Damage - This change matches CosmicPVP's outpost reward list. - New Stronghold Rewards: - Infernal Stronghold: Immune to Tombstone - Frozen Stronghold: Immune to Abyssal Stronghold Perks while in /end - This change matches CosmicPVP's stronghold reward list. - Premium Faction Claims deduct an increasing and weekly recurring amount from the faction's /f money - Factions are warned a day prior about the upcoming payment when they join the server - Only those with /f showclaims permissions are sent the warning - Failure to deduct results in an automatic unclaim - Rare Candy activates pet cooldown on use - Server-enforced resource pack is now required when joining the server. - This was done to mitigate FPS drop from custom blocks that were previously implemented as 'retextured player skins'. - Upcoming changes will feature more extensive use of resource packs. - Stacked mobs will no longer despawn after 64 of them were killed in the stack (previously, the despawn condition was to have a stack size > 50) - Vengeance Mask's perk (Immune to Abyssal Stronghold Perks in /end) only works while in /end - Iron Golems now drop iron ingots instead of iron blocks
◈ Custom Kits are upgradable kits that allows you to unlock attributes which increase your chance at better items. This can include better Item Mods, enchantments, and much more! Visit the CosmicPE Dummies Guide to learn more about Custom Kits.